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 After the first time you hear it

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ตั้งหัวข้อเรื่อง: After the first time you hear it    Sun Jun 12 2011, 21:39

"Do you need to hear it again?"/ "One more time?"

"How was that?"

"(Did you get) anything at all?"

"Let me have a look at (some of) your answers. Not bad, you've got about 50% right."

"I'll play it one more time (but stopping after each answer/ section)"

"I'll play it a little bit slower" [if you have speed control on the computer or cassette player]

"After you compare your answers, I'll play it one more time"

Patthamaporn 024@ 3EN
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After the first time you hear it
อ่านหัวข้อก่อนหน้า อ่านหัวข้อถัดไป ขึ้นไปข้างบน 
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