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 Actions teacher might ask student to do

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ตั้งหัวข้อเรื่อง: Actions teacher might ask student to do   Mon Feb 07 2011, 13:10

Actions teacher might ask student to do

“Work in pairs/ threes/ groups”
“Change groups”/ “Work with someone different”/ “(Stand up and) work with someone you haven’t
worked with (today)”
“Turn around”/ “Turn your chair around”
“Open your books (to page…)”
“Close your books”
“Cover the top/ the bottom/ the right hand side/ the left hand side of the page”
“Turn to the next page”
“Student A, turn to page 23. Student B, turn to page 75”
“Deal the cards”
“Shuffle the cards”
“Spread the cards across the table (face up- face down)”
“Revise this before the next lesson”
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Actions teacher might ask student to do
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